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. >> john boehner kept saying i want to have a kchgs. >> he used the word conversation 22 times in that interview. >> the goal posts have moved again. >> now they are stuck. >> for them, a win is -- >> full capitulation. >> to have him cry uncle. >> it's time for us to take a stand. >> it's not enough to take a stand. in the end you have to govern. >> the boehner bhungalers. that's the headline of the column in the "new york times" today. what he called the keeply incompetent house republican leadership. the professor goes on to refer to the house of representatives as the keystone cops and the boehner bungle eebungleers. but there is another possible. the one that no one is considering. what if what if john boehner and the house republican leadership and senator ted cruise know exactly what they're doing and exactly why they're doing it? what if they are playing a much longer and bigger game than anyone has noticed. what if their concern is the presidency and nothing but the presidency? and what if the republican party, the party that created the modern imperial presidency has
and reopen the federal government? with house speaker john boehner maintaining that all he wants to do is have a conversation with the president, he got his wish today. when president obama rang him up. and we have just learned that speaker boehner will make a statement at 4:30 p.m., which, of course, we'll bring you live. and president obama today called on the speaker, reiterating that he's willing to negotiate with republicans, just as soon as they reopen the government and stop threatening to default on the nation's debt. just because they don't like the health care law. that's the president's position. and at a press conference today, he stuck with it. >> i will sit down and work with anyone of any party, not only to talk about the budget. i'll talk about ways to improve the health care system. i'm ready to head up to the hill and try. i'll even spring for dinner again. but i'm not going to do it until the more extreme parts of the republican party stop forcing john boehner to issue threats about our economy. we can't make extortion routine as part of our democracy. >> meanwhile,
and the senate minority leader, are going to be able to get together and do a deal at this hour and john boehner is going to accept it? boehner is going to be able to take whatever these gentlemen come up with in the senate and go over to the house and say hey, guys, come on. i've got some new tea for you to drink. it ain't going to happen. this is nothing but false hope. i will be stunned if we don't default. i will be stunned if there is a deal. now meanwhile, the backdrop of all of this, republicans who shut down the government are using our nation's veterans as pawns in their battle to win back political opinion. yeah, i constantly have to be ask yourself the question throughout all of this, where are the american people. what is our threshold. what do we want? well, we want a government that works, we want a government that's open and we want a deal that's going to give the middle class a chance in this country. americans overwhelmingbly blame republicans for the shutdown by a 22-point margin. that's a heck of a number. so why are the democrats even dealing with these people? with those num
exactly this countiry will prevent a first of its kind default. a deal offered by speaker john boehner to reopen the government and lift the debt ceiling, one that was supposed to be voted on by the house tonight as i speak to you. that deal has now been nixed. republican leadership in the house appear to have no idea what to do next and there is no good reason to believe anyone knows what will happen next. the house measure that was to have been voted on would have funded the government through december 15, extended the debt limit to february 7 and ended employer contributions to health insurance for members of congress and its staff, the white house and its staff as well as cabinet members. in this case government contributions since the government is the employer. as that made its way to the house rules committee, heritage activists urged them to vote no. and shortly after a vote was killed. just 24 hours after we thought we had a deal coming from the senate. >> reporter: here is another layer of gamesmanship to the drama playing out in washington. senator ted cruz in texas convened
." ♪ >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. john boehner, i'm talking to you. i think you need advice from outside that caucus. i'm afraid it's smothering you. it's killing any impulse you have to call the shots and end this government shutdown. worse yet, the approaching default on the country's debt. this historic embarrassment to your party, to your beloved house of representatives, this deep injury to your country. here i think it's fair to say are your options, mr. speaker. you can continue down the road, that little band of warriors on your party's right has assigned you. that means sticking with them all the way, following whatever course the fartherest out 30 of your caucus want you to take. going after the affordable care act at every stop, giving up on any bipartisan solution to the debt crisis, then doing the whole thing over again every two months from now until the end of your speakership. causing havoc global economic mayhem at maximum. the value of our currency, our word. you want to get down that road, mr. speaker? how about th
speaker john boehner's strategy of the day, as best we can tell, was to offer the white house a clean raise the debt ceiling for six weeks, in the beginning of formal budget negotiations, all while the government would remain shutdown. today's strategy does not appear to be working. and now john boehner has to figure out what tomorrow's strategy is. put yourself in john boehner's chu shoes for a moment. imagine what it's like for him to wake up every morning and face the forces that are assembled against him. one simple goal. to survive another day. john boehner must find a way to placate the tea party, whose irate with any talk of negotiations not including obama care, the entirety of american finance capitalism, that has told him he cannot blow through the debt ceiling, and then there's the american people. according to a new nbc news poll, both the gop and the tea party's favorability rating that sunk to an all-time low. and 53% of americans blame republicans in congress for the budget standoff, compared to 31% who blame the president. with those three separate interests in mind, j
house speaker john boehner shut down the government. mark meadows' strategy in the document is the strategy that republicans followed that indeed got us the government shutdown we have which is in its seventh day. the mark meadows letter had a demand in it. and it was, demand that was not addressed to democrats in the house or democrats in the senate or president obama or anybody else who you think would be on the opposite side of a mark meadows demand letter. no the demand was actually made to republican house speaker john boehner. the letter essentially said, i mark meadows and republican members of congress who signed on to the letter with me demand that you, john boehner shut down the government. make the funding of the federal government contingent on getting health reform. getting rid of health reform. and if president obama does not agree to get rid of health reform. if he does not agree to that. shut down the government. we demand that you follow this strategy. it is amazing to think that a brand new freshman member of congress with no national profile. know addition
republican leaders including john boehner understood the danger that they were getting into, they just couldn't figure out a way to avoid it. >> the other thing this poll shows is that the president's refusal to negotiate on his obama care or affordable care act, that has support of 40% agreeing, 43% disagreeing with the fact it should be reopened. mark. >> this maybe, as our polsters point out silver lining for republicans here. essentially split looking whether president obama should negotiate and actually asked should negotiations occur after the debt ceiling has been increased and the government is fully operational. so the country is split with just 3 percentage more saying -- disagreeing with president obama's position here. although it does seem like a lot of maneuvers from the meeting last night he might be able to dapg ell dangle a concession or two to get the government open. >> lets talk about the value summit. ted cruz was one of the headliners today. ted cruz gets hammered in this poll. >> yeah. you know, andrea, his favorable, unfavorable, people have a positive view versus nega
speaker john boehner. tick tock goes the debt clock, there are now two competing bills on the hill. one in the senate, and another at the house. this man just won the nobel prize for economics and he is a frequent guest on this program. yale professor bob shiller. what does he make of the chaos in washington? you will find out this hour. and while he was most iconic brands in american business, entrepreneur and businessman on the fallout for america created by washington. all that and so much more on this hour of "markets now." connell: that is the big story of this government shutdown. we will have speaker boehner and the rest any minute from capitol hill. the microphones without anybody behind them. we will see what they have to say about the plans. dagen: bob shiller just won a nobel prize for economics. studied how basically longer run markets are less efficient, ow people are risk-averse, how optimism and pessimism affects the market. how what is happening washington changed our optimism. connell: and it is fun to have him on. we know bob, he is on a lock. all right, down by 63 po
an hour from. the president earlier called the house speaker john boehner but it wasn't exactly the conversation that boehner has been speaking. here is what the speaker said before he spoke to the president. >> americans expect us to work out our differences. but refuse to go negotiate is an untenable position and, frankly, by refusing to negotiate, harry reid and the president are putting our country on a pretty dangerous path. listen. there has never been a president in our history that did not negotiate over the debt limit. never. >> so what did the president say during that phone conversation? our senior white house correspondent jim atocosta is standing by at the white house. what is the white house saying about the phone call, jim? >> reporter: it's interesting to note, wolf, that the president's phone call to house speaker john boehner came shortly after the remarks from the house speaker earlier this morning. white house officials saying the president essentially told the speaker we are where we are right now, that the president is not going to negotiate larger issues l
into the government shutdown, and house speaker john boehner insists there will be no unconditional surrender by republicans. >>> today, with negotiations in washington, d.c. stalled and with republicans and no exit strategy, the gop is changing the ransom. they are no longer demanding the president and democrats delay obama care, their new demands are actually their old demands. and to deliver them from this hopeless situation, the gop is turning to a familiar face with a familiar refrain. >> the next president of the united states, paul ryan. >> i accept the calling of my generation to give the generation of my children to us. >> you have to pull it from my generation. >> i had a feeling there would be mixed reaction so let me get into it. >> yes, paul ryan, the buy whose budget helped to cause the gop an election, today, in an op-ed piece, ryan revealed the strategy of the republicans. >> there are strategies to get the debt under control. >> yes, he is looking at the entitlement reform, being beltway speak for cutting medicare and social security. >> what he is doing deserves applause. >>
the house speaker, john boehner, said republican leaders were trying to come up with a plan of their own. >> there are a lot of opinions about what direction to go. there have been no decisions about what exactly we will do. but we're going to continue to work with our members on both sides of the aisle to try to make sure there's no issue of default, and to get our government re-opened. >> today the majority lead ex-harry reid, called accused house g.o.p. leaders of attacking by bipartisanship. >> this is so disappointing, on the eve of financial destruction for this great country -- that's what it is -- to appease a small group of people over there is so disappointing. >> of course there are but two days left before treasury officials say the government could default on its debt, potentially causing irreversible damage to the economy. there's a new poll that shows 74% of americans say they disapprove how republicans in congress are hale handling the negotiations, compared to 61% of the democrats and 53% who say the president is handling this poorly. >> it appears that at some point ver
with a lot of promise. president picked up the phone and called john boehner. after dualing press conferences between the president, he was in the briefing room for more than an hour today and john boehner, it was clear that we were right back where we started first thing this morning and that is at a stand off. the president had two missions today. first, he wanted to continue this tkr-pl bea drum beat involn boehner. it would keep the government open far short period of time up until next month. putting pressure on john boehner saying both were there if they will help democrats to push across the finish adam. >> let's put people back to work. there are enough reasonable and democrats in the house who are willing to vote yes on a budget that the senate has already passed. as soon as they proceed against every item in the budget. >> job two for president today. there are those that call default denyers. they look at this impending deadline of october 17th, john. it's thought that bad. the president is alarming people, needlesly, the government can get by. it can pay its credittors, it can pri
'donnell. thanks. >>> president obama took 18 question tuesday at his press conference. speaker john boehner took exactly two questions. so who's the guy who is a frayed -- afraid of talking about the shutdown. >> republicans have no interest in shutting down the government. >> shutting down the government is irresponsible. it is as simple as that. >> day act of the government shutdown. >> full steam ahead on a government shutdown. >> this is a very complicated >> new polls show no one smelling like roses. >> 70% disapproval rating. >> 70%, put the fault with republicans. their numbers are declining. >> i know the american people are tired of it. lord knows i'm teared of ired o. this is not a complicated fpiec of business. >> eyeing the debt ceiling. >> all about the debt ceiling. a all this talk about default. >> it's nonsense. >> demagoguery. false demagoguery. >> when i hear people trying to downplay the skon conventions of that. >> nonsense. >> a lot of demagoguery. >> irresponsible. >> alternatives are popping up. >> some discussion about my powers under the 14th amendment. that's going to m
they control one bill, one starting off. connell: good point, john boehner on his way out. we will take a lively show the markets, dow jones industrial average up 2 points, up 175 and make the argument separating these deadlines, the financial markets, not just about whether we would be able to make a payment on the interest on the debt and all the debate about prioritization the last few days and we talked about it. dagen: what is the default? connell: financial markets are more concerned about that. they don't want participants at the market do not want to tempt fate there. they could stand the government shutdown. i know it is very serious for the people who are affected by it but the point of view of the market's reaction shows that is a big deal for them. >> i think it is but let me pose another possibility. it is the janet yellen market, the new fed chairman. we are talking about easing money as far as the i can see. ben bernanke market, whenever they talk about tinkering, raising interest rates, the market has gone down. janet yellen will not raise interest rates anytime soon bec
the ability to move. >> if the speaker of the house, john boehner, would simply allow a vote on the floor, it would get reopened. >> it's time for leadership. it's for though o for conversation to begin. >> you can't negotiate on anything under the threat if you don't get your way 100% you shut down the government. >> i don't want to put anything on the table. i don't want to take anything off the table. >> what i'm saying is keep the government open and see if we can get anything done. >> if and and butts were big bucks every day would be business. >> okay. take a deep breath. count to ten. because there may at last be a way out of at least part of the monumental standoff in washington. right now we're just half an hour away from a crucial meeting between house republican leaders and the president at the white house. and everything could hinge on what happens there. senate democrats just left the white house after their meeting, and senate republicans will head over tomorrow morning. now over in the house, gop leaders announced this morning that they'll offer a bill authorizing a tempora
extension of the debt limit anywhere from two weeks to two months. that's what aides tell me. john boehner would like to present a plan that they can argue they are meeting the president halfway. the focus would be on presenting the debt limit and there will be no focus on government funding. you can have the house gop to figure out a way to raise the debt limit, but the government would be shut down. that's one of the things we will be talking about. they have to see how the plan will sell. the ryan op ed he had would be the more conservative wing is sort of a starting point. you can see how that games with members. as you know, chris, a lot of plans that come from the leadership only to doie a quick death. they realize the experience of getting a debt limit extension through and whatever they figure out today at the meeting, they will bring on down to the white house. >> lastly, i will say this. there is talk that the president was disappointed that not the entire house is coming. that was intentional to john boehner only bringing the house gop leadership and the chittee chairman. the la
it can be expedited in the senate and the news i'm also getting right now is john boehner, the house speaker, even though he doesn't have the votes to pass an actual bill there is a way he can send a shell to allow the senate to move in an expedited way. it means it will be easier for them to bring up the bill and harder for people like ted cruz to filibuster, even for them to not even bring the bill up but it still might take a little bit of time if any senator so chooses to then get the bill off the floor and over to the house. >> is there a guarantee the senate bill would pass in the house? >> no, in the house there is no guarantee. i mean, at this point, first of all, just assuming it does pass the senate it will be right back in john boehner's court, the court he was unable -- >> unwilling to bring up -- >> unwilling to even bring it up from the senate before, but that was before we were really literally up against the deadline. the assumption from people around john boehner is that he would allow it to come to the floor. i mean, the fact i'm being told he'll send a shell to exp
,that's perhaps not accurate. >>> a lot of people are saying john boehner should just call a vote. it's just here's the money. there's no obama care attached. there is no what, we hate the alligators attached. boehner says no way. not only does he not want to, but he says he does not have the votes to put this in front of the house. today president obama says prove it, john. right now john boehner is the winner, ding ding. obama is short. but that could change. it could change very fast. is either side about to budge? >> reporter: erin, it tells you everything you need to know. it's taken as potential news and parsed. but that's what happens when two sides are so entrenched on twin economic crises. the government has been shut down since last week. the country could default next week. and the president and the house speaker spent the day talking past each other. >> the reason that speaker boehner hasn't called a vote on it is because he doesn't apparently want to see the government shut down end at the moment. >> the president had us all down at the white house last week only to remind me that he
at the white house. john boehner had nothing to say after that meeting. >> mr. speaker -- >> boehner released some of his lesser known republican members to take the new house republican message to the nation. >> no one here wants to default on our nation's debt. and so that's why -- the republicans in the house have suggested let's just get that off the table. >> opening the government is a negotiation that will happen tonight. and in the, in the hours ahead, and we hope to have it open by -- you know, monday morning. >> and boehner left questions about the details of any possible deal where those questions belong, the chairman of the powerful appropriations committee. >> we agreed to -- fry to find the -- one digss for the cr -- conditions for the cr. >> part of the debt ceiling bill now? >> and we'll get back with each other tonight. >> so the conditions for dealing with the cr would be part of the six-week debt bill is that what you are saying? >> well -- let me stay away from those things at the moment. >> but is the resolution trying to resolve both of these, use in some fashion? >> bot
the comementsd comments ey president obama. >> libby the house speaker john boehner he will be making a statement at 4:30 and we'll bring you that live. and libby will be here to help us through that. but libby boehner says he wants to negotiate and talk to the president. what is it that he wants to get out of a new conversation with the president? >> that is a good question. you think it would be easy to answer. it's not that clear. a lot of represent republicans d off the healthcare. now they are talking about spending cuts and bigger cuts. the speaker boehner is pointing fingers and saying that the oust white house and the republicans are not the ones that are not willing to negotiate. >> there is a lot of finger pointing going on right now? >> we are a week into this thing. any idea on how the public is reacting to the shutdown. >> well it's int not good at ths time. as president obama pointed out it could get a lot worse if the debt ceiling is breeched. what the president said economic harhardships or inconveniences r americans. we are trying to do things which is getting the business of the
llego desde el salvador... el el presidente barack obama llamo al lider de la camara baja john boehner, para insistirle al principal republicano de la camara de representantes que no negociara en torno a la reapertura gubernamental ni sobre una legislacion que debe ser aprobada para impedir que el pais caiga en mora de pagos...en una conferecia de prensa en la casa blanca, el mandatario dijo que esta luchando la batalla por el presupuesto. dijo que el congreso tiene la responsabilidad de pagar sus cuentas, y que negociar estos asuntos sentaria un precedente peligroso... mi sugerencia es al presidente ha sido y seguirÁ siendo: dejÉmonos de excusas, hagamos un voto en la cÁmara pongamos a mi sugerencia es al presidente ha sido y seguirÁ siendo: dejÉmonos de excusas, hagamos un voto en la cÁmara pongamos a despuÉs de hablar con el presidente, el presidente de la camara, john boehner criticÓ con firmeza la postura de obama. los estadounidenses esperan que resolvamos los estadounidenses esperan que resolvamos nuestras diferencias, pero negarse a otro de los temas que el presidente o
putting pressure on john boehner sayinging the votes were there if only he this allow democrats to help us push across the finish line. >> i'm suggesting to the speaker and will continue to be. let's stop the excuses, let's take a vote in the house and end this shut down right now. let's put people back to work. there's enough reasonable in the house who are willing to vote yes on a budget that the senate has already passed. that vote will take place today. the shut down will be over. then serious negotiations will proceed around every item in the budget. >> now, there are those who he calls the denyers and they look at this impending deadline of october 17th. they say it's not that bad, the president is harming people needlesly. he can pay his -- they are having none of that. he was sounding the alarm that a default was going over the debt ceiling will be catastrophic to the nation. >>> we have senior citizens who are counting on thei their socil security check on time. we have companies doing business that have payrolls that they have to meet. if they do not get paid on time they may hav
. >> reporter: the president actually picked up the phone and called john boehner, they had a brief discussion but after dueling press conferences between the president he was in the briefing room for an hour and shortly after that john boehner it was clear we were right back where we started first thing this morning and that is at a stands off. the president had two missions today, first he wanted to continue this drum beat calling on john boehner to allow a vote on a so-called clean spending bill that would keep the government open for a short period of time. only up until next month. putting pressure john boehner saying the votes were there if only he will allow democrats to help it push across the finn line of the here is the president. >> my suggestion to the speaker has been and will continue to be let's stop the excuses and take a vote in the house, let's end the shutdown right now. let's put people back to work. there are number reaso reasonabe republicans and democrats willing to vote yes on a budget that the senate has already passed. that vote can take placed to, shutdown would be o
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,102 (some duplicates have been removed)